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Joseph Harrison

How to get Buffalo Terastation Pro to join Windows Server 2016 Essentials domain?

I have a Buffalo Terastation Pro (TS-HTGL/R5 F/W 1.35) which worked fine on my Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials domain.  After migrating to 2016 Essentials, I can't get the Terastation to join the domain.  I have another Terastation (TS1400D) which joined the 2016 domain without issue.  I have seen many discussions online on this topic, dating back several versions of Windows servers, have tried many of the suggestions.  None have worked.  Any thoughts?

Joseph Harrison asked 06/23/2018 16:24
Jimmy Lawrence

Connector Software won't install on Windows 10 pro.

I'm trying to connect a Windows 10 pro client to my server.  It is running 2012 R2 essentials.  I keep getting the following info from the log: wmain: Start of Computerconnector GlobalData::Initialize (, C:\Users\User\Downloads\ComputerConnector(fe80__b505_eb93_c0ef_b7c7) (2).exe) ================================= Current Os information: Suite = [256] Type = [1] Architecture = [9] IsStarterEdition = [0] IsHomeSku = [0] Major = [10] Minor = [0] Build ...

Jimmy Lawrence asked 06/22/2018 23:50
Ronald Ersek

Windows Server 2016 Essentials Configuration Wizard Failed

Hello, I thought I would reach out and ask for assistance in setting up my Essentials 2016. The Configuration Wizard fails on a fresh install. I get the following in the ERROR.log - FATAL: ConfigureCATask: Any assistance is welcome. Cheers.

Ronald Ersek asked 05/19/2018 00:40
Joseph Harrison

Server 2012 R2 Essentials to Server 2016 Essentials Migration questions

I have several questions following the Server Essentials migration guide. I don't see the step in the guide where I am supposed to run DCPromo.  Where does that happen?  I see mention of it before demotion and removal or roles from the 2012 R2 server.  But I don't see where it should actually be run. I have a 2008 member server on my 2012 R2 network that is running WSS 3.0.  Yes, I am planning to migrate it to SharePoint Online, but I will do that only after completing this 2012R2->2016 migration.  Do I need ...

Joseph Harrison asked 06/17/2018 16:31
Rodolfo Terron

Task Scheduler properties are grayed out

Good afternoon. I've had several instances lately where my task scheduler service stops on different servers and my NOC has to dial in and start it for me. I went to check the recovery option of the service and they are all grayed out. I checked on three other Server 2016 servers and on my own workstation (Win10) and they are also grayed out. Task scheduler is set to automatic and it is started, however I can't seem to set the recovery options (or any options)- all greyed out. I did some research online and only found several posts ...

Rodolfo Terron asked 06/18/2018 17:38
David Christy

RDC Server 2012 with WSE Folder Redirection

I have made a bit of a mess here.   I have Windows Server 2012 installed on a server with the essentials role.   I have added another member server running RDC.  Folder redirection is being applied as normal however the WMI filtering is taking it out for the RDC server (because it is a server).   This system has been running for a few years and I had not noticed because the users that connect to the RDC server only ever do say on that server and the fact that their folders are local to that server has not been ...

David Christy asked 06/09/2018 14:31
Joseph Harrison

Server 2012 R2 Essentials migrating to Server 2016 Essentials - Register with Microsoft Cloud Services

I am following the migration guide and completed Step 7 - Install the Essentials Experience Role on the Windows Server 2016 (Essentials).  This worked just like the guide said, except that after the wizard completes, I get asked if I want to "Register with Microsoft Cloud Services".  My 2012 R2 Essentials server is integrated with Azure directory and with an Office 365 tenant.  Should I go ahead and connect the new 2016 Essentials server to the same accounts?  I guess the guide doesn't cover this because it seems like the screenshots were from an older build.

Joseph Harrison asked 06/12/2018 00:44
Randall Spangler

Installing Exchange Server 2016 on a Server 2016

I am in a situation where we were originally going to migrate from an SBS 2008 server to a Server 2016 domain running Exchange 2016 on a Windows Server 2016 VM. The client desires us to do a "rip and replace" onto a new domain with no migration. I am aware that CU4 is needed to allow Exchange 2016 to be installed on a Windows Server 2016.  I reviewed your tutorial " How to migrate Exchange Server 2010 from SBS 2011 to a new Exchange Server 2016 on Windows Server 2016 " and it is very thorough. I ...

Randall Spangler asked 11/26/2017 18:11
Sven Seelemann

What happens if your 2003 SBS server misplaces its network?

I've been following the SBS 2003 -> Server 2016 Essentials migration, and it has gone reasonably well. I've made it through chapter 11 of the guide ( I then shut off the SBS server to see if the network could live without it. Aside from the server 2016 machine pining for the other DC, all seemed okay. When I booted the SBS server, the network refused to come up - in fact, the NIC that has been successfully used for 10+ years doesn't show up at all. I've tried adding a USB - ...

Sven Seelemann asked 12/02/2017 18:29
Rich Sheets

Let's Encrypt for Anywhere Access

I'm working through the tutorial and have installed the Certify Certificate Management app.  I've configured the binding in ISS.  Added the Default Web Site in the Certify App and the certificate request is failing.  When I run the test for the http-01 Challenge, it returns check failed: Config checks failed to verify is both publicly accessible and can serve extensionless files e.g. Not sure how to proceed.  Can you advise?

Rich Sheets asked 06/01/2018 15:25
John Monahan

Cumulative Update for windows Server 2016 - Getting errors

I'm continuously getting failure of updating WSE with the 2018-05 Cumulative Update for windows Server 2016 (KB4103720). I get back:- Windows update  could not be installed because of error 2149842967 "" (Command line: ""C:\Windows\system32\wusa.exe" "C:\Users\John\AppData \Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\IE\4KP7L1UU\windows10.0-kb410371 4-x64_97bad62ead2010977fa1e9b5226e77dd9e5a5cb7.msu" ") Can anybody out the suggest what I do next?  I see some discussions for W10 errors like this, no solutions! and no fix for WS or WSW 2016! John

John Monahan asked 05/22/2018 20:01
Ron Camerata

Is it possible to rename the 2016 domain controller during or after a migration?

I've made the mistake of not changing the name that Microsoft gave my Windows 2016 Essentials server and was just wondering if it's possible to change the name either during or after the migration is complete.  The default name would make a better strong password than a host name.  

Ron Camerata asked 05/19/2018 17:27
Rodolfo Terron

Can't uninstall Exchange 2010- This mailbox database is associated with one or more active MailboxExport requests.

Hello. I am doing an SBS2011-Server 2016 migration and when I try to uninstall Exchange, it says that there is an active export request. I have googled around for answers, but none of the commands seem to work. I have tried rebooting the server and I have followed each step in the guide to the letter. Is there a way to get rid of this active export request via ADSI edit possibly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.  Here is the output of the command.  C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Bin> /mode:uninstall Welcome to Microsoft Exchange ...

Rodolfo Terron asked 05/28/2018 19:06
Michael Barnes

Remove-OfflineAddressBook failed

I'm running through Step 13 of the SBS 2008 to Server 2016 Migration - Uninstalling Exchange, the first few commands worked fine but I'm having an issue with the command - Remove-OfflineAddressBook ‘Default Offline Address Book’. When running that command it returns an error stating that the 'Default Offline Address Book' could not be found on the domain controller. The command Get-OfflineAddressBook returns the same output as per the guide. Any ideas what would be causing this and how to resolve it? Thanks Mike

Michael Barnes asked 05/26/2018 17:45
Travis Langley

Moving workstation backup history to 2016 Essentials?

I need to replace an SBS 2011 Essentials server with a 2016 Essentials server. The workstations were connected to the domain using the Connector and are currently backing up to the SBS 2011 Server. Is it possible to move those backups (about a month's worth) to the 2016 Server? If so, is that covered in the " How to migrate from SBS 2011 Essentials to Windows Server 2016 Essentials" guide?   Thanks.

Travis Langley asked 05/23/2018 20:49
Kevin Weilbacher

GPO -- Inconsistent permissions message

Thanks, Mariette for fixing the issue today with the shared folders not appearing on the 2016 Essentials folder (after a successful migration from SBS 2011). Tonight I was going to install Windows 10 ADMX files to Group Policy on this 2016 server. But when I opened up GPM to check things out first, I clicked on the 'default domain controller policy', and it displayed the following message: "The permissions for this GPO in the SYSVOL folder are inconsistent with those in Active Directory. It is recommended that these permissions be consistent. To change the SYSVOL permissions ...

Kevin Weilbacher asked 05/22/2018 01:39
John Monahan

WSE 2016 fails to update

Recently I'm finding that my WSE is not updating.  The Event Log says error 0x80246013 for update of Windows Server 2016 for x64 based system (KB4093137). Any suggestions as to what to do.  All recent updates are failing. Very worrying! John

John Monahan asked 05/21/2018 23:33
Kevin Weilbacher

Question on DFS on 2016 Server after migration

Finished migrating from SBS 2011 to 2016 Essentials completely. Follow up questions re: DFS Management - I followed your process in Chapter 12 to remove the replication folders that we created during Chapter 9.  But DFS Management on the 2016 Essentials still has references in the namespace to the two default shared Essentials folders (Company and Users) that we never used for replication purposes, plus one additional shared folder I created from the Essentials dashboard that I also was NOT going to replicate. My question is three-fold: (1) do I need to do anything with ...

Kevin Weilbacher asked 05/20/2018 15:24
Kevin Weilbacher

Fix to DataCollectorSvc error when uninstalling Exchange

Mariette, I did not find mention of this on your site (unless I didn't look hard enough). I was performing the steps (chapter 13) to uninstall Exchange from SBS2011. When running the " /mode:uninstall ", it gave the following error: "Setup cannot continue with the uninstall because the DataCollectorSvc process has open files. Close the process and restart setup" . Solution: open up Task Manager, locate and stop DataCollectorSvc.exe. Then rerun the "" instruction to uninstall Exchange Also, you might include a note that depending on the server, uninstalling Exchange could take 15-20 minutes ...

Kevin Weilbacher asked 05/20/2018 15:06
Sebastian Goss

One client changes network type / no domain network recognized

Hi, I am running Windows Server 2016 Essentials version. one of my clients - which has worked a long time flawlessly - suddenly has the network type always set to "public". My router has Ipv6 DHCP disabled The client is registered in the servers' DNS and has appropriate privileges- It does not make a difference if I set up the IPv4 and IPv6 DNS manually on the client or choose automatic Local (my servers) DNS server is propagated by the router and is recognized in automatic DNS detection on all clients ...

Sebastian Goss asked 05/18/2018 09:21
Kevin Weilbacher

Almost ready to start process to demote SBS 2011

Mariette, thanks for your help so far with this SBS 2011 to 2016 Essentials migration. DFS Health Report looks clean. I want to review group policies on SBS server to make sure I can account for policy changes made during the past 5 years before I begin the process to demote and shutdown the SBS server. They had another IT person prior to this, and I have no documentation on GP changes he might have made. Any PowerShell scripts that might help in locating GP changes? Unfortunately event logs were lost last year when they had a ...

Kevin Weilbacher asked 05/18/2018 13:22
Kevin Weilbacher

Another VPN setup trick for Essentials 2016

Mariette, first, a great big THANK YOU for your service and support, and for all the amazing "how to"guides on your web site! Quick report on Anywhere Access issue I was having and a fix. I installed a new 3rd party SSL on the 2016 Essentials server, and ran the Anywhere Access (AA) wizard and got RWA working (although it gives me a warning about port 80). But then I found out I need to get VPN access running for the owner. But the AA wizard kept failing every time. I did use your VPN articles, ...

Kevin Weilbacher asked 05/18/2018 01:51
Marco Visser

Add shared folder to the Server Essentials Dashboard

Dear all, I'm managing a Server 2016 with Server Essentials installed. There is a shared folder 'ManagementTeam', that has been created outside of the Server Essentials Dashboard, so it is not showing in 'Storage'. Is there a way (other than recreating the share and copying its contents) to have the shared folder show up in Server Essentials? Regards, Marco Visser

Marco Visser asked 05/17/2018 18:00
Farouk Fuad

How long does it take to get to State 1 when you do a dfsrmig /setglobalstate 1.

I was in process of migrating my SBS08 to Server 2016. I set up my 2 new 2016 domain controller and realize that I needed to change the functional level of my SBS08 and the dfsr before replication will start working. I am in the process of dfsr migration and now my 2 new domain controllers are stuck at  Server2 ('Start') - Writable DC for the past 3 hours. The SBS08 (Primary) went from  Start to prepared in less than a minute. How long am I suppose to wait? What should I be looking at to troubleshoot ...

Farouk Fuad asked 02/14/2018 21:10
Kevin Weilbacher

2016 Essentials Dashboard crashes

Mariette, the 2016 Essentials dashboard has been working fine until now. Yesterday, I went in to enable "Anywhere Access". Today, when I run the dashboard console, it all works until I click on "Settings" in the top right of the dashboard. Dashboard immediately closes. Event log shows events 1000 and 1026 - generic messages telling me that the dashboard has crashed. I'm not in a position to be able to reboot the new server until later this evening.  Just wondering if this has been seen or reported previously. Thanks!

Kevin Weilbacher asked 05/15/2018 17:01
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