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Add new user to PC access post deployment with Essentials Connector


I have previously used Essentials Connector to add all of our new Windows 10 PCs to our domain on Server Essentials 2016.  During the deployment with Essentials Connector, the connector asks which users you want to give access to for that specific PC you are connecting/deploying.  It gives you a list of all of the existing AD users.

Now we have a new employee starting soon.  I've created their user account in the AD on Server Essentials 2016.  I've added them to the group that all the other employees are already in.

I cannot log in to any of the multiuser PCs with the new user account.  I cannot find where user access for specific PCs is controlled in AD.

I know that I can use "C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin\ClientDeploy.exe" to redeploy the PC - this would give me the option of selecting the new user to add them to the one PC.  I have a few issues with this approach:

  1. The last time I used the "ClientDeploy.exe", it created a new user profile folder (i.e., User and User.001) on the computer for every user who was already using that computer.
  2. I'd have to "redeploy" a couple of computers - it seems I should be able to just add this access via AD.
  3. If we bring in more new employees, I'd have to again redeploy these computers.

As a side note, we do not use "folder redirection" as we only have a couple of computers that are considered multiple user - such as a conference room PC - and none of them require user specific customizations as they are infrequently used.. 

Any advice or suggestions for a solution would be appreciated greatly.


  • Windows Server Essentials 2016
  • Windows 10
asked12/21/2018 22:27
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