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Colin Marshall

After OS move to SSD the server folders are now stranded in StorageSpace and not seen by WSE-2016.

I am in the process of setting up an evaluation copy of WSE-2016 to replace my WHS version 1. After moving the OS from the HDD to SSD the OS no longer sees the Server Folders that I had moved to Storage Space. It is looking on F: DATA and not on H: Storage Space. Before I added SSD I seem to recollect that Storage Space had the drive letter F: 
Is there a setting, or a process to correct this behaviour?

If not, my work-arounds will be -
1. Endeavour to get Storage Space back to F: but this may go badly OR
2. To try copying them back to F: and see if that restores the back up functionality that has been lost.
     If it works then use OS to move the Server Folders.

I have only been grappling with WSE-2016 for a few weeks as a home user.

I would be grateful for any guidance.



  • Windows Server Essentials 2016
asked11/22/2018 03:57
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Mariette Knap

Can you see some drives if you run Disk Management?

Colin Marshall

Hi Mariette

Thanks for your interest and the response.
Everything is visible there.
Today I will assign another label to F and then make Storage space F again and see where that ends up (option 1 above). 



replied 11/24/2018 03:20
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