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Shawn Lemay

Azure AD Connector & Office 365

Since Essentials Role no longer exists as an optional add-on for Windows Server 2019 for syncing AD up to Office 365 (Azure AD), we're forced to install and configure the Azure AD Connector. One of the major drawbacks I'm finding is that we can no longer easily administer certain objects as they're now syncing between the local AD and the Azure AD. One that I find I use quite often is the option for setting up email aliases.

I have found the way to do this in the local AD (adding the proxyAddresses under Attribute Editor in the user's record) - but this is a pain. So I started trying to find a way to bring these fields back into Active Director similar to how the Essential Role would do it. I figured all I'd need to do is grab an Exchange 2019 ISO and do the ADPREP (following the instructions in this document

So I proceeded to do this and assumed the fields would turn on inside of AD on the local server. While I have new attributes (like exchange alias, exchange mail) none of the old fields themselves returned like in prior server versions running Essentials Role. So my question - is there no way to get a simple GUI to return this feature? How was the essential role doing this previously and now we can't do it with the full Azure AD Connector? 

I'm hoping there is a way to get this to be re-enabled, as we have some end users that administer some of this themselves and I worry about them editing, manually, these attrib fields. Thanks.

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asked12/24/2020 00:10
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