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Michael Gibbs

BPA Errors

Just going through the advised BPA scan on 2012 Essentials server and received a couple of errors.

Are these cause for concern?

Error 1 - I have added the loopback address but it still gives this error.

Error 2 - Do I need to add credentials to DHCP?


Error 1:

The network adapter Ethernet does not list the local server as a DNS server; or it is configured as the first DNS server on this adapter.


If the loopback IP address is the first entry in the list of DNS servers, Active Directory might be unable to find its replication partners.


Configure adapter settings to add the loopback IP address to the list of DNS servers on all active interfaces, but not as the first server in the list.

Scan time: 22/12/2020 14:39:21

BPA model version: 2.0


Error 2:

Secure dynamic Domain Name System (DNS) update is configured, and a domain cotroller is running on the same host as the DHCP server, but credentials for DNS update are not configured.


DNS registrations can fail if credentials for DNS update are not configured.


By using the DHCP MMC snap-in, configure credentials for dynamic DNS update.

Scan time: 22/12/2020 14:40:32

BPA model version: 2.0


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