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Oliver Römer

BPA - errors remote desktop



after running the BPA I am getting under the RD category the following errors.

1- DNS: DNS servers on NIC should include the loopback address, but not as the first entry. My adapter (NIC 1)settings are:

Preferred DNS server: (my WSE 2012 IP address)

Auxiliary DNS server:

NIC2 is disabled

2 - RDS: The RD Gateway server must have at least one RD CAP enabled
-> I checked this and it seems to be configured.

3 - RDS: The RD Gateway server must be able to contact Active Directory Domain Services
-> where can I check this on the Server 2016 Essential?


Thank you for your help


  • Windows Server 2016 Standard
  • Essentials Experience Role
  • Remote Desktop Gateway
asked11/28/2018 21:29
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