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Helen Mooc

Certify SSL Manager


I am getting an error in the Certify SSL Manager when I am testing the certificate setup:

Could not verify URL is accessible:

I installed the Certify SSL manager on the Essential server 2016 and following the steps to setup a free certificate for vpn service.

Do you know why?

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  • Remote Web Access
asked01/09/2019 21:58
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Mariette Knap

Hello Helen,

Is port 80 open? Do you have a Host A record pointing to the public IP address of your server?

Mariette Knap

How are you doing Helen?

replied 01/14/2019 13:58
Helen Mooc

I swear the port 80 is open as well 443 but when I run the repair wizard on the Anywhere Access, it keep saying to open port 80, so I don't know what's going on.

Do i create the A record on the essential server?  When I was using the free Microsoft SSL for Anywhere Access, I did not get that error and so I know port 80 is open.

replied 01/14/2019 14:25
Mariette Knap

Hello Helen,

The Access Anywhere wizard creates a zone for and that zone has an empty Host A record with the IP address of the server. This will take care of local name resolution of the domain

In public DNS we will also need to make sure that resolves to the Public IP address of the Internet connection your server has. If your Internet connection has IP address we need to create a Host A record for remote in the zone that has as the IP address. Clients from outside your Lan will resolve to and to whatever service you have running. That can be Access Anywhere web portal at or your VPN connection.

The above method is called split-brain DNS. The certificate you need must have on it

replied 01/14/2019 15:57
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  • Mariette Knap
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