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Art Saffran

Computers do not appear on new 2016 server after migration

Migrating Server 2012 to Server 2016 Essentials and on the Dashboard/Devices I see the new server and an item titled Archived computer backups (50). I added one test computer that was connected to the old server using the new connector software but this computer still appears on the Archived computer backups list.

The test computer runs Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.



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asked09/02/2018 02:53
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  • Mariette Knap
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    Art Saffran

    Thanks. I need to clarify though. 

    I understand that backups don’t migrate but the problem I’m having is that the computer I ran the connector software on from the new server does not appear in the Devices list in the Dashboard. 

    How do I get the computers to appear in the Dashboard?


    Mariette Knap

    That is indeed strange. Can you uninstall the Connector software from that client and reinstall? Is the client getting the DNS servers IP address of the new server?

    replied 09/02/2018 07:08
    Art Saffran

    I will check. When I ran the new connector software I got an error that there was another version of the connector that had to be uninstalled prior to running the new version. I did that and all seemed fine. The connector software accesses the new shared folder from the computer. I will uninstall and try again. 

    replied 09/02/2018 07:13
    Art Saffran

    I just uninstalled and reinstalled the Connector and the problem remains. The computer does not appear in the Devices dashboard. 

    I checked Active Directory and the computer is listed there.

    The Dashboard shows 50 Archived Backups and 1 Server but no computers.

    I verified that the computer is looking at the new server for DHCP and DNS. And, the Launchpad app connects me to the correct shared folders.


    replied 09/02/2018 07:43
    Mariette Knap

    Not sure why this happens. Let me do some checking on my lab environment and I will get back to you

    replied 09/02/2018 07:52
    Mariette Knap

    Art, can we connect on Skype and Teamviewer?

    replied 09/02/2018 07:56
    Art Saffran

    Quick follow up:

    • Testing another computer -- Installing the connector requires uninstall of the old version. Is this how it should be? The guide just indicates installation of the new connector.
    • This second test computer also has some software installed called Windows Essentials 2012. I'm going to remove it but am not sure what that is for.
    Thanks again for your help.

    replied 09/02/2018 09:13
    Mariette Knap

    Hello Art,

    Normally it should not be needed to uninstall the 'old' connector software because installing it from the new server basically updates it but if you find otherwise let me know. Is the old server and R2 version or just 2012?

    replied 09/02/2018 12:45
    Art Saffran

    It is just 2012...installed before R2 was released.

    Thanks again for your help.

    replied 09/02/2018 13:34

    replied 09/02/2018 06:33
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