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Ken Sheppard

DFS with Windows Server 2016 Version 1607

I am replacing some older, legacy DCs that are still running Windows 2003.  These older versions still run DFS and I know that Microsoft has been warning of DFS removal for quite some time.  After some research, it does appear that Microsoft somewhat relaxed or delayed the threat of DFS removal.  My Dell copy of Microsoft Server 2016 is version 1607 and not 1709 or later.  The following article appears to suggest that version 1607 still supports DFS.  Am I correct in my reading?  Thanks.  Ken

Update 10/10/2016
We did not remove FRS from Windows Server 2016. But we do plan to remove it some time after Windows Server 2016, and with the new servicing models this might not be that long. Migrate to DFSR immediately.

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asked01/14/2019 14:49
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Mariette Knap

FRS is still included in Windows Server 2016 but support is removed in Windows Server 2019. If you need to migrate Windows Server 2003 to 2019 it is best to migrate first to Windows Server 2012 and migrate FRS to DFSR

Ken Sheppard

Thanks.  All is working well following the migration to Windows Server 2016.  


replied 02/09/2019 12:24
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