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Carsten Jansen

Disable Folder Redirection for specific Users - Windows Server Essentials

Is there a quick and reliable way to disable the Folder Redirection for specific Users while the WSE Group Policy Folder Redirection is active and to keep the Files local for Users where the Files have already been redirected?

We want to disable the Redirection for specific Users in a branch office which otherwise sync the data via VPN which is incredibly slow.

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asked11/17/2018 08:33
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Last Activity 11/22/2018 16:19

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  • Mariette Knap
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    Carsten Jansen

    Hello Mariette,

    we implemented your solution and made sure that the policy had the setting for Policy Removal "Redirect the folder back to the local userprofile location when policy is removed" enabled. 

    The client in question does not use the Policy anymore which we checked with gpresult but the content on the desktop is still linked to the redirection destination. We used gpupdate, gpupdate /force and rebooted the machine a few times.

    Still no luck in getting the content back.

    Eventlog is ok and the policy was removed.

    What may we miss?

    .. and thank you for your quick response!

    Mariette Knap

    The way to check why this happens is to run a gpresult /h gpresult.htm and study that file. Also look in the event logs for related errors. It could be that something prevents the policy to apply like permissions or corruption.

    replied 11/17/2018 16:41
    Mariette Knap

    How are you doing?

    replied 11/22/2018 16:19

    replied 11/17/2018 13:22
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