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James Larson

Essentials Dashboard Not Ignoring or Deleting Some Health Alerts

Does anybody know how to fix this more recent problem with the Essentials Dashboard where it endlessly tries to process your request either ignoring or deleting an alert from Health Monitoring?  Or is everybody still waiting for Microsoft to fix this?

Thank you!


  • Windows Server 2016 Standard
  • Windows Server Essentials 2016
  • Dashboard
asked08/02/2018 16:20
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Mariëtte Knap

I think this has to do with some .Net update of last weeks. If you run this Powershell command:

wevtutil el | Foreach-Object {wevtutil cl "$_"}

it will clear out all the event logs and possibly also reset the guarantees :)

Mariëtte Knap

No, that did not work. Probably we need to delete some tables in the Windows Internal Database. I will have a look later today

replied 08/02/2018 16:49
James Larson

Thank you Mariette!  In the meantime, I'm looking at this wevtutil command.

replied 08/02/2018 16:54
Mariette Knap

It is not a fix, but stopping the Windows Server Essentials Health Service and then renaming:

%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows Server\Data\ActiveAlerts.xml

And then restarting the service will clear the list, and then it will repopulate with only current warnings that you can't do anything to update from the console.

If you do delete any active alerts at the client side after stopping the service and deleting the same file on the client, they will clear off the server console.

replied 08/03/2018 13:42
James Larson

That at least is a workaround; thanks Mariette!  :)  I wonder if Microsoft will actually ever fix this.  Seems like I've been dealing with this on Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials for several months now.

replied 08/03/2018 14:01
Vincent Loosveld

Restart the  Windows Server Essentials Health Service and after that, you can disable/delete an alert in the dashboard. You have to do the same for the next alert ;)


replied 11/14/2018 11:02
Barry Walker

Vincent is right, you can delete one alert by restarting Health Service. Be aware this may cause Dashboard to use 100% CPU and slow your system severely.  Restarting Dashboard is necessary to clear this.

This is a serious bug that affects Server Essentials 2012 and 2016.  Microsoft doesn't seem interested in finding a solution.


replied 11/17/2018 09:55
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