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James Larson

How to setup DNS for IIS Website on Windows Server 2016?

Can somebody please remind me how to setup the DNS for my IIS Website on Windows Server 2016?  (Hopefully I'm saying that right)  I have a site setup on Windows Server 2016 (IIS) and a static IP Address from my ISP.  I have setup port forwarding to use port 81 on my router.  I can access the site just fine using the IP Address (<IP-Address>:81/WEB/Login).  However, I'm having a brain cramp as to how to map the IP address to my domain name so it's not showing the IP Address.  This is an secondary website for only certain people to login to.  The main website (<main-site>.com) is not hosted on this server, but with Godaddy instead.  Only this secondary website is hosted on the Windows Server.  Eventually there will be a link on the main site to this secondary site.  So I think somehow I'd like to have a subdomain of the main site (for example: WEB.<main-site>.com) which takes people to <IP-Address>:81/WEB/Login, but I can't remember how to do that.  Is this done in the bindings of the site in the IIS Manager?

Thank you all!

  • Windows Server 2016 Standard
  • Windows Server Essentials 2016
  • IIS 10
  • DNS
asked01/09/2019 02:30
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David Moore

Have you looked at the bindings in IIS instead of port 80 you probably need to make it port 81.

James Larson

Hi David, thanks for the quick reply!

The only thing in the site bindings right now is one entry with the following:

Type: http
Host Name: <blank>
Port: 80
IP Address: *
Binding Information: <blank>

I guess I need to enter my subdomain in here, but don't I also need to register it with Godaddy?



replied 01/09/2019 02:53
James Larson

Mariette, do you know how to do this?


replied 01/10/2019 02:37
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