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Jim Millot

Migrating FRS to DFSR

I found server-essentials after I had basically migrated most of an SBS 2008 server to Windows Server 2016.

I am ready to uninstall Exchange at this point, but realized I had not performed the FRS to DFSR migration as is detailed in the Migration Guide.

I will only have the one Win2K16 Server (DC) at the end of this as this is a small company.

My question is, do I really need to migrate FRS to DFSR before retiring the SBS 2008 Server or will the Win2K16 Server run just fine using FRS?

Thanks in Advance.

Jim Millot


  • SBS 2008
asked11/29/2018 15:56
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Last Activity 11/30/2018 13:14

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  • Mariette Knap
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    Jim Millot


    I guess I'm nervous about demoting the SBS Server when the Win2K16 DC doesn't have anything under the SYSVOL\Domain folder as it should.

    Isn't that a major concern?

    Group Policy Manager is dead in the water on both servers. Attempting to access a Group Policy returns "The network name cannot be found"

    What if I demote the SBS Server and users can't logon?

    I'm assuming the Schema Master Role would then have to be seized?

    I'm afraid I can't pursue this any longer today. I have to leave but I don't have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this. And frankly I'm not sure how I want to proceed. As I stated earlier, this is out of my comfort zone.

    replied 11/29/2018 20:10
    Jim Millot

    I thought everything was fine. I uninstalled Exchange without incident.

    I rebooted the SBS 2008 Server and attempted to transfer FSMO Roles. I used the GUI since the Powershell command didn't work. (Sorry I did not document the error received in Powershell). I was able to transfer 4 of the 5 using the GUI but can't transfer the schema master.

    Now I'm noticing that the Windows 2016 Server does not have a shared out SYSVOL and the Event log shows File Replication Service errors. I'm not sure what happened but apparently my DCs are not in sync. and I'm generally seeing strange things regarding Active Directory.

    Just looked at the Event Log on the SBS Server. File Replication Service shows NTFRS Errors Event 13568 Jrnl_Wrap_Error and they seem to have been going on for a while. This has been a single server environment and obviously went unnoticed.

    The Windows 2016 server is basically the main server with active users so I'm trying to avoid any interruption. 

    And Murphy's law, this is my Grandson's Birthday and I'm supposed to be taking him to dinner within the hour.

    Please advise as this is out of my comfort zone.



    Mariette Knap

    You probably had Journal Wrap issues before you started the migration and those should be resolved before you start migrating. Anyway, now that we have this problem I would like to offer you some help over Skype/Teamviewer tomorrow. No worries, all will be fine but this is a complex issue to fix and I rather do that while talking to you.

    replied 11/29/2018 20:36
    Jim Millot

    I would appreciate that.

    What time is good for you? I can be in the office as early as 6:00 AM Eastern.

    Can we do this strictly with Teamviewer and a phone call? (I have not used Skype in years and frankly would have to see what laptop I have with a built in camera etc.)

    I'm heading out for my Grandson's dinner but will check back later.



    replied 11/29/2018 20:54
    Mariette Knap

    Turned out this was a Journal Wrap issue that was neglected and not taken care of before the start of the migration. Doing an authoritative restore with burflag D4 and D2 fixed the issue

    replied 11/30/2018 13:14

    replied 11/29/2018 19:40
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