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Wolfram Billig

Missing Rights ? - No "Properties" for MyComputer under DCOMCNFG


following the tutorial to install a Hyper-V Core Server 2012/2016  (Install and configure RSAT on Windows 10 and make it a management workstation that connects to a Hyper-V 2016 core server in a workgroup) I got a problem when trying to edit the RSAT via DCOMCNFG as Admin: there are no "Properties" under MyComputer selectable. So i can't set the anonymous login as suggested (Steps 4-6). Any ideas how to fix ?

RSAT Client is running Win10 64 Pro 1809 in a Workgroup, tried also with Client in in AD - but same situation. EventMgr shows Error 10016  for "local activation" of COM ...  



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asked11/16/2018 12:11
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Mariette Knap

What OS is your Hyper-V? It could well be that 1809 is the reason for your problems. Do you also have this issue with the previous release? Unfortunately, Microsoft has a habit of changing things in a way that the previous configurations don't work anymore.

Are you sure you are looking in the right place? I just launched an 1809 and have no issues.

Mariette Knap

See the below screenshot

Dcom configuration

replied 11/16/2018 15:13
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  • Wolfram Billig
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  • Wolfram Billig
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