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Dick Summers

SBS 2011 to Win2016/Exch2016 System State Backup

I'm doing a migration from SBS 2011 to Win2016 and Exchange 2016.  I had to do the Exchange migration first, all mailboxes are on the Exchange 2016 server.

As part of that process, I elevated the domain/forest level to 2008 R2 after running a System State backup, and dcdiag and repadmin, all successfully.  I'm ready to resume the migration step from the SBS 2011 server, I have joined the new server to the domain. 

1) Do I need to do the System State backup again prior to promoting the Win2016 server to domain controller?  It now fails with what looks like the

2) Repadmin /showrepl is OK, dcdiag /dnsbasic shows an error: [domain controller] failed test  NCSecDesc. I've read that this is not important if there is to be no RODC, which is the case.

Would it be prudent to promote the Win2016 to DC considering the above?


  • AD Domain Services
asked11/05/2018 23:02
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  • Mariette Knap
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