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Moshe Shopen

SBS2008 migration


we have SBS2008 with migration plan to end up with :

1. On premise- Server 2016 with Exchange 2016 (after migrating to a mid server with 2013)

2. On Premise - Server 2016 with SQL, AD, DC, AD and DNS


My plan:

1. migrate exchange 2007 to cloud server with 2012R2 & Exchange 2013

2. migrate sbs2008 to server 2016

3. migrate cloud server with with the exchange 2013 to on premise Exchange 2016.

-does it sound good or any other suggestions ?

-  will the second server run with SQL & all other roles of the current sbs, right now we are using this sever for sql only and it is not part of the domain .


  • SBS 2008
asked01/04/2019 08:46
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Last Activity 01/06/2019 19:20

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  • Mariette Knap
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    Moshe Shopen

    thank you for your quick and helpful reply !

    replied 01/04/2019 10:00
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