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Joe Magueta

SBS2011 - Exch 2010 to Exch 2016 Public Folder Content Migration

I'm just migrating mailboxes right now and will be migrating the Public Folders soon. The Public Folders contain various calendars for scheduling resources and I just want to confirm that the calendars will transfer over and will be available to everyone after they've been moved to Exch2016.  I'm aware that Exch2016 has special accounts for this and will be training them on it once the migration has happened.



  • SBS 2011
  • Exchange Server 2016
  • Exchange Server 2010
asked01/01/2019 19:04
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Last Activity 01/02/2019 15:36

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  • Mariette Knap
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    Joe Magueta

    Thank you.


    replied 01/02/2019 15:36
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