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Gary  Manigian

SBS2011 migration problem

My plan is to migrate SBS2011 (server 1) including Exchange to a new server running Server Std 2016 (server 2) and Exchange 2016, then rebuild the old server (server 1) with Server Std 2016 as the DC and a SQL database. The new server (server 2) would then be the file server and Exchange server. There are only 20 total users.

I ran into a brick wall trying to update Exchange to the appropriate version. Response is: stopping services, rolling back updates, premature ending. I did do all Windows updates.

Event log error: MSSQL$SBSMONITORING, dbo.EventLog.PK_EventLog, Primary filegroup  is full. Don't know how to set autogrow or otherwise fix this issue.

Any help would be appreciated.



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asked11/29/2018 20:28
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Mike Fox

Hi Gary,

Can you tell us what version of exchange you are currently at and which version you are trying to update to?

normally when an Exchange update fails there are log files which are contained here - c:\ExchangeSetupLogs\rollup.log - have you had a look at the log to see if there is anything useful in the log which may explain why the exchange upgrade has failed.



Gary  Manigian

Current version is 14.03.0319.002

I tried Update Rollup 19 Exchange 2010 SP3

Couldn't find a rollup.log file

replied 11/30/2018 22:47
Mike Fox

Hi Gary,

This is an old post - that I found here

But it still has some useful information and may help you to find it - one thing that it did say is to make sure that you run the setup from an administrative cmd prompt (sometimes the simplest things are those you forget :) 

This is what it says about investigating; 

Here are some of the logs to start investigation.

  1. Look into Event Log for any error related to UR installation. 
  2. Enable Verbose MSI Logging to generate setup log and look into it for any error. 
  3. ServiceControl.log available at C:\ExchangeSetupLogs. 
  4. UpdateOwa.log available at C:\ExchangeSetupLogs. 

1. Look into Event Log for any error

This is the starting place of forensic lab :), you may see some MSI related or any other errors which might have some numbers and with it setup would have failed.

Here is an example…

Event Type: Error 
Event Source: MsiInstaller 
Event Category: None  
Event ID: 1024 
Product: Microsoft Exchange Server – Update ‘Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (KB968012) 8.1.375.2’ could not be installed. Error code 1603.


Let us know what you find 




replied 11/30/2018 23:06
Gary  Manigian

I re-ran the get file version. It is now 14.03.0419.000, Rollup 24!!
I now remember trying to install Rollup 24 first thing on 11/23 but I thought it failed.
I guessing a reboot of the server completed the install. It is listed under Programs and Features on 11/24.

Should I uninstall it and install Rollup 19?

Sorry about the confusion.

replied 12/01/2018 17:08
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