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Neal Jones

Server 2016 Essentials - Cannot join Azure Active Directory or Office 365

Does not seem uncommon?

  1. I have rebooted, ensured connectivity etc as per the documents online
  2. I think the problem is with my tenant though I can sign in through Powershell
  3. I can join the domain to a different tenant just not the one I need (office 365 based setup).

  • Essentials Experience Role
  • AD Domain Services
  • Office 365
  • Azure
asked05/03/2018 01:39
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Last Activity 11/28/2018 18:48

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  • Mariette Knap
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    Neal Jones

    Thank you for that, i did try those steps in the registry when i was researching the problem

    Now i still cannot join and i get an unknown error has ocurred, microsoft cloud services returned an error

    Charles Fleming

    I am experiencing the same problem on multiple WSE 2016 and WSE 2012 R2 systems. I cannot create a new connection to Microsoft Cloud Services (I just want Azure AD connect) on a new WSE 2016 Server. I also have multiple WSE Servers that were connected and syncing with Azure AD that now no longer connect or sync.  Removing the Cloud Services connection and trying to reestablish simply refuses to complete and only returns a status of "An unknown error has ocurred."  Removing the BecEndpointAddress registry key has no effect on this problem. I have run exhaustive Google searches on this and found almost nothing useful.

    I have no solution. Apparently Microsoft does not either. Just confirming that this is a real problem yet to be repaired by Microsoft.

    replied 11/28/2018 18:39
    Mariette Knap


    Open a case at Microsoft and tell them it must be fixed.

    replied 11/28/2018 18:47

    replied 05/03/2018 14:48
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