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James Shimota

Server 2016 migration - cannot get Client Connect software to run - server unavailable.

Hi - Migration from sbs 2012r2 to Server 2016 Essentials.  Have had a myriad of problems, even paid Microsoft. (a wierd problem with .Net30 not installing due to need of Portuguese - Brazil keyboard).

Another big problem initially was certs.  I had to regen the cert for the remote access. thats now working correctly.  I may still have a problem here - when I access the server from itself or a workstation as "https://[Servername]/ I get "SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER" in firefox.  however, all remote service works (web/remote access/VPN).  I believe it is a self signed cert problem but I've put it aside.

Now, I'm trying to update existing domain workstations Connect software to see new server.  I run the 'http://[server]/connect' - download and run tool and get a server unavailable message. all workstations are Windows 7.  All machines are up to date including servers.

I've checked clocks.  The DNS seems to be perfect. (I do NOT have IPv6 enabled). all DCDiag tests look good, I can access server via file manager, open shares etc.

I am running Wins (legacy app from 2002).  Netbios is enabled but is NOT showing in Mikrotik Dude network sniffing software 4.0.  However NBTstat etc all show fine. more confusion!

during the install attempt on the connector I see a screen momentarily that says 'pick your server' but the drop down is empty. below it is a choice to select ip address.  that is reflecting my server IP.

I can't think straight on this anymore.  Anyone with ideas to offer? I'm all ears!

PS. When I found this website I was excited - first place I've found with clear guides on what I'm actually doing!



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asked01/04/2019 18:32
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Mariette Knap

James, those problems you had were not caused by my guides I hope? Maybe we can do a Skype/Teamviewer session to see what this is all about?

Last Activity 01/04/2019 18:40

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