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Ken Sheppard

Migration Guide for SBS 2011 Essentials to Windows Server 2019

Is it ok to use the migration guide for SBS 2011 Essentials to Windows Server 2016 with a new Windows Server 2019 setup?  I presume most is all of the same considering the migration from FRS to DFSR is consistent with 2016 and 2019.   Thanks. Ken

Ken Sheppard asked 01/06/2020 12:01
Ernst-Peter  Luther

Migration SBS 2008 to Server 2019 (Error): NTDS Replication Error 1749

When i try to promote then new server to a domain controller i get an error: 12/27/2019 12:37:39 [INFO] EVENTLOG (Error): NTDS Replication / Verzeichnisdienst-RPC-Client : 2513 Fehler beim Versuch, das gewünschte Authentifizierungsprotokoll für eine Verbindung zum folgenden DSA festzulegen. DSA: SBS-2011.GSE.local Zusätzliche Daten: Fehler: 1749 Der Sicherheitskontext ist unzulässig. 12/27/2019 12:37:39 [INFO] EVENTLOG (Error): NTDS Replication / Verzeichnisdienst-RPC-Client : 1962 Internal event: The local directory service received an exception from a remote procedure call (RPC) connection. Extended error information is not available. The operation fails.

Ernst-Peter Luther asked 01/03/2020 14:57
Andrew Stefaniuk

When creating resource mailboxes on a migrated Exchange 2013 – Error with Microsoft System Attendant

Hello; When I add a Resource Mailbox I receive an error regarding the Microsoft System Attendant (see attached screenshots) It looks like everything is OK so I'm unsure if this is a result of only being on Step 17 on the SBS2008-Win2019 migration I did a little google work and it appears to be related to mailbox migration  so far all have gone well with the migration (Happy New Year), but today being the first day back for Users I'm hitting these small bumps Thanks- Andrew

Andrew Stefaniuk asked 01/02/2020 22:24
Andrew Stefaniuk

SBS2008 to Win2019 Step 17. Backup the EFS Recovery Agent Certificate

Hello; I'm sure i'm overthinking this, but I assume that Encrypting File System has NOT been used in the past as the Administrator Certificate Expired in Dec 2007 and when I'm login as the Administrator and try an export, I receive a message that the Private Key can't be located.  OR  Does this mean it was a SBS2003 instance and was upgraded to SBS2008 and the key was not backup and restored, hence I "Should" fix the Cert before uninstalling the Cert Service? Thanks Again - Andrew

Andrew Stefaniuk asked 01/02/2020 18:21
Andrew Stefaniuk

SBS-2008 to windows serve 2019 and redirect folder permissions

 in section 12 Migrate files, folders and shares,  step 8 robocopy can not get access to files that have been granted exclusive rights. What would be the best way to take ownership then give it back to the user? Thanks and Happy New Year Andrew

Andrew Stefaniuk asked 12/31/2019 21:00
Chris Currell

Users need to change the date on there computers

We have an SBS 2011 server that we have started migrating to Server 2019. Should have this completed Saturday. Our users desktop computers are W10 A major issue showed up this morning. Our users need to be able to change the date on there computers. They will need to roll there computers back to Dec 2019 so they can enter there working hours.    The settings windows that *Some of these settings are hidden or managed by your organization.   Does anyone now how to allow users to change the date on ...

Chris Currell asked 01/01/2020 17:41
Richard Travers

Migrate files from SBS 2011 Essentials to Server 2016 Essentials

The migration guide doesn't mention when or how to migrate files, including user's Redirected Folders.

Richard Travers asked 12/29/2019 17:48
Richard Travers

DHCP server migration - new DHCP server name is non-routable IP address, not host name

Migration SBS 2011 Essentials  to 2016 Server Essentials DHCP server migration was successful and is working correctly.  However, DHCP server name on 2016 Server is "" instead of server name (eg server2016.contoso.local).  See attached screen shot.  I can't see any way to change the name.

Richard Travers asked 01/01/2020 19:49
Greg Mohr

Migration of SBS 2011 to Server 2019

Hopefully this is one of the last two migrations I have from SBS 2011 to server 2019!  This server is getting flakey and sometimes requires a reboot or two during the day to keep the office up and running.  WSUS admin console will not run, it keeps opening and goes to Reset Node, The Exchange server will be moved to Hosted Exchange, I have a back end process from the hosted Exchange site that migrates the information for each user automatically with a administrative account, so I am not concerned about migrating to a local Exchange server.  A ...

Greg Mohr asked 12/27/2019 01:20
alex pommier

Problems connecting 2nd host to NLB cluster

Hello Community,  I've recently deployed Hyper-V into my hosting infrastructure and i'm trying to setup windows network load balancing and ARR so that i can have 2 VM web servers that are load balanced by 2 ARR servers running NLB. I have the following setup: 2 Physical Host Machines IE; Host1, Host2 Then the following VM's are split 1 on each host for redundancy. 2 Hyper-V VM's ARR1, ARR2; both with NLB installed 2 Hyper-V VM's WEB1, WEB2 2 Hyper-V VM 's DC01, DC02 (Domain Controllers) Note* I have ...

alex pommier asked 12/30/2019 16:15
David Burch

Remote (mobile & Outlook) access to Exch2016 issue

SBS2011 to ws2016 & Exch2016 migration I would greatly value some advice on re-establishing remote (mobile & Outlook) access to Exch2016 again.  Remote & internal access via OWA *is* working and Outlook 2010 appears to connect internally. Unfortunately, I'm a bit late to this party, for many reasons - budget, users preferred SBS-features, etc., and had wanted to perform a trial migration of the SBS2011 VM, on my home test server, but it couldn't cope (memory, etc.).  Therefore I've migrated the real server whilst the users are vegetating whilst watching Christmas TV programmes. ...

David Burch asked 12/24/2019 14:14
Chris Currell

Problems Installing Exchange 2016

Migrating SBS 2011 Exchange to Exchange 2019. I am having issues installing Exchange 2016.  I have created a temporary virtual server, Exch-Temp and it is a member server. Exch-Temp is running Windows Server 2016 standard. - windows update has been run several times. Ran the power shell script - InstallDependenciesExchangeServer2016.ps1 Had to manually download and install .NET Framework 4.7.1 as well as Unified Communications Managed API 4.0 Run-time. I have downloaded Exchange Server 2016 CU12 During my first attempt to install Exchange I received an error - " A hybrid deployment with ...

Chris Currell asked 12/29/2019 16:39
Bill Swan

I have done 10 SBS2011 to 2016 all fine and this is a Rouge upgrade

On new 2016 server installing exchange I get the same error, so I proceeded to just PrepareSchema on the Essentials server so there is no DNS issue and get the same error ?? ( running on Essentials server should not be an issue as it is not installing Exchange Server just preparing AD but cannot comment but getting same error on proposed exchange server )  The Active Directory schema isn't up-to-date, and this user account isn't a member of the 'Schema Admins' and/or 'Enterprise Admins' groups. For more information, visit: Setup encountered a problem while ...

Bill Swan asked 12/28/2019 15:00
Bryan Linton

Questioning Whether WSE 2016 Essentials Was the right Migration Target

I purchased the documentation to migrate from SBS 2011 to Exchange 2016 running on Server 2016, with the WSEE role installed on a DC. I'm starting to question whether that's the right place for us to end up. I am not sure I fully understand everything WSEE offers. The connector software required to be installed on end workstations gives me pause. Here's what I would like (or would be nice to have): A convenient portal for end users to use to remote into their work PCs, as they currently can do via SBS 2011's portal ...

Bryan Linton asked 12/27/2019 17:39
Chris Currell

Replication requires consistent schema but last attempt to synchronize the schema had failed

Trying to migrate SBS 2011 to server 2019 and have nothing but issues. WMKL-SBS is our SBS 2011 server - DC1 is a backup domain controller - (server 2016 and is running DNS) DC is the new 2019 server - Problems started with Section 7 - "Install Windows Server 2019 as a new replica Domain Controller in the old SBS 2011 domain" step 20.   completed step 19 with the following command: Invoke-Command –ComputerName wmkl-sbs,DC1,DC -Scriptblock {Restart-Service NTDS -Force -Verbose} This seemed to complete successfully. ...

Chris Currell asked 12/27/2019 18:24
Bill Swan

User Desktop Icons missing

Hi All Have a client that 2 users desktop icons were missing when logged in. PC runs 24 / 7 so was on this morning. Asking on site many users said same thing happens, they reboot and icons appear, sometimes reboot twice. Doesn't happen every day maybe 3 times a fortnight. Never happened with SBS 2011. Whilst I am investigating, anyone else had this and any pointers ? WSE 2016, Windows 10 fully up to date, happened before features updates. No device backups configured. Folder redirection running ( this was implemented for WSE 2016 ) Migrated from SBS ...

Bill Swan asked 12/05/2019 08:45
Fernando Larrey

SBS2011 to Server 2016

Hi, Following the SBS2011 to Server 2016 Standard migration guide I do not see the correct moment to uninstall Exchange 2010 from the SBS2011.  Beginning of guide mentions there will be an indication of correct moment but do not see it? Thanks, Fernando Larrey

Fernando Larrey asked 12/23/2019 22:23
Bryan Linton

Public Folder Migration Failed

Hi Mariëtte, It's me again, your problem child. :-)  Today I followed the instructions to migrate public folders. At first everything went as expected; the only thing I was not sure about was how to verify whether the number of public folders was correct. (The script found 58 public folders, and the number of public folders users can see in Outlook is definitely fewer than that.) I assumed that the public folder count must have included some system, hidden public folders. Since every other step in your guide ran as expected, I proceeded. I started the migration batch ...

Bryan Linton asked 12/23/2019 17:25
Bryan Linton

Outlook Anywhere asking for credentials when off-network

Hi Mariëtte, Thanks for your excellent help earlier today. After I made the needed changes to public DNS and our firewall rules, ActiveSync started working again. The Remote Connectivity Analyzer reports no errors when I run the autodiscover test and the Outlook Connectivity test. But now I'm working on Outlook Anywhere, where there is apparently a little more work to be done.  Using my laptop at home, when I launch Outlook for Windows, it connects to Exchange automatically, but then it pops up an authentication dialog. I've restarted a few times, and made sure that Windows' ...

Bryan Linton asked 12/21/2019 23:02
Chris Currell

DC Replication Errors

Just starting to migrate our SBS2011 server to 2019. We have two domain controllers, WMKL-SBS and DC1. We installed DC1 about a year or so ago as a backup domain controller and we have already moved DHCP, DNS and all data shares to this server. At Step 7 in the migration kit we are using it says to check the event log for Journal wrap events. We don't have any of those events listed. I did open the linked document -  and started to work through the steps here. Attached are the out puts from both ...

Chris Currell asked 12/19/2019 19:02
Andrew Stefaniuk

Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 - Step 10 Migrate Mailbox

Hello; I have made it to step 10 in Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013 (first step) and I moved one mailbox and thought I would test. I don't want to be caught with users unable to use their email. I migrated the mailbox and tried to add it as another account on to my Outlook but was unable to add the account upon close and reopen of Outlook, I'm greeted with a popup Microsoft Outlook The Microsoft Exchange Address Book was unable to log on to Exchange. Contact your system administrator if the problem persists. ...

Andrew Stefaniuk asked 12/16/2019 23:41
Mohindar Malhotra

SBS 2008 Migration - Destination OS: OS Server 2016 standard or server 2019 standard. Which OS?

Thanks Mariette for your help so far.  I am tending towards purchasing  the SBS 2008 migration kit + Office 365 DIY + Premier Project Support .   We will be purchasing a Dell Server. We will have the option of  getting OS Server 2016 standard or server 2019  standard.  Which OS would you recommend for stability, features, and  migration success.   Again thanks for all your help!   Mohindar Malhotra 

Mohindar Malhotra asked 12/15/2019 17:39
Bryan Linton

Attempts to reach EAC redirect me to ECP

Hi Mariëtte, I'm following your instructions to enable circular logging on the new Exchange server before moving mailboxes. When I hit step 3 to log into the Exchange Admin Center, it always redirects me to the Exchange Control Panel. The ?ExchClientVer=15 parameter doesn't seem to do anything. I found a possible solution online. I could create another admin account which does not have a mailbox on the old Exchange server, and make it a member of Domain Admins, Organization Management, Enterprise Admins & Schema Admins groups. Then use that account to log into EAC. I can delete ...

Bryan Linton asked 12/19/2019 23:18
Bryan Linton

Error Installing Exchange 2016

Hello, My attempt to install Exchange 2016 on Server 2016 following your instructions failed. My Domain Admin account apparently doesn't have the needed rights and permissions, so I'll follow the links indicated to read up on that. I find it odd that it says near the end that the Forest functional level is not Windows Server 2003 native or later, and "Either Active Directory doesn't exist, or it can't be contacted.' My Domain and Forest functional Levels are both "Windows Server 2008 R2." My main concern is the part that I underlined below: "No Exchange Server 2010 roles have ...

Bryan Linton asked 12/19/2019 01:46
Bryan Linton

BPA Warnings at beginning of Migration off of SBS 2011

I've run the BPA on my SBS 2011 box to begin my migration off of it. I already cleaned up some of the  warnings and errors. On the warnings I wasn't sure about needing to be fixed, I used "Exclude this Result".  I want to post the list here just in case any of these warnings and errors DOES need to be fixed before proceeding. (Later...) The website won't let me attach my screenshot for whatever reason. I've tried switching browsers, not sure what's going on. So I'll just have to list the errors and warnings ...

Bryan Linton asked 12/17/2019 21:20
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