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Beverly Stevenson

Slow Shared Drive Propagation

I have a Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard that has been in service for about 3 years; all updates installed are installed.  All domain users are Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and connected to the network with CAT5 ethernet.  In the last week, some users started experiencing slow browsing when saving to shared folders on the server.  If the user opens a file from the shared folders, it is normal access speed.  The slowness exists when the user wants to save a file and browses to a shared folder, it takes 25-30 seconds for the folder list to propagate.  Once ...

Beverly Stevenson asked 10/25/2018 14:54
Rick Chadderdon

Access Anywhere Let's Encrypt Renewal

I originally configured this using your tutorial before it included the Certify the Web app and have moved to that app since then.  I'm doing this on two Essentials servers, one with 2012 R2 and one with 2016. My problem on both servers is that Access Anywhere does not register the renewals.  CtW renews correctly and IIS gets the new certificate, but every three months I have to export the certificate from the personal store and import it into Access Anywhere because the dashboard notifies me of an expired certificate and Access Anywhere stops allowing connections through it ...

Rick Chadderdon asked 11/03/2018 03:02
Stefan Landstorfer

Critical Warning: FSMOCompliance: License Error

Hi All, we migrated our SBS2011 Standard to Windows Server Essentials 2016 with your Migration Guide and all was fine till the end of the guide, no problems also DCDIAG /test:DNS /DNSALL /e /v all passed. Now i have all two minutes the following message in the events: Critical Warning: FSMOCompliance: License Error: The FSMO Role Check detected a condition in your environment that is out of compliance with the licensing policy. The Management Server must hold the primary domain controller and domain naming master Active Directory roles. Please move the Active Directory roles to the Management ...

Stefan Landstorfer asked 11/01/2018 13:10
Oliver Römer

Exchange Admin Center

Hi, I followed the tutorial of the Exchange 2016 in a Server 2016 Essentials environment. However, I cannot login into the Exchange Admin Center with user that also did the installation. Accidently i logged on to OWA, which worked fine, so I guess this a user access problem. Thank you, Oliver

Oliver Römer asked 11/02/2018 12:24
Greg Mohr

Large Data Store of about 4-5TB - will that affect dfrs replication

I am migrating from SBS 2011 Std to Server 2016.  I have a large host server, with approx 12 TB of useful HD space.  I have the host set up with 512 GB HD, 360GB Paging file drive and 11 TB for Data/VMs.  Am i OK using just one Server 2016 WSE (as a VM)  with a couple of larger Data drives, for both files, and two applications, one for time sheets, the other for QuickBooks Enterprise.  Or would I be better off setting up two VMs, one for WSE 2016 with data files and a second just ...

Greg Mohr asked 11/02/2018 05:52
Oliver Römer

Exchange Server 2016 on DC

Hi everybody, I am in the middle of a migration from SBS 2011 to Server 2016. In the process I realized, that MS does not recommend to install that on the Domain Controller ( Installing Exchange on a domain controller is not recommended [WarningInstallExchangeRolesOnDomainController] | Microsoft Docs ), but it does not seem it is impossible. Has anyone tried this and what is the experience? Thanks, Oliver

Oliver Römer asked 10/28/2018 21:26
Oliver Römer

Migration from SBS2011 to Server 2016 (new hardware) with separate Exchange server on existing hardware

Hi! I am migrating from an SBS2011 to a new server hardware with server 2016. As it is not supported to migrate the Exchange Server onto the domain controller, I want to (have to) migrate to Exchange 2016 on the existing hardware of the SBS2011, of course after installing server 2016 on this machine. This will result in the loss of the old Exchange 2010 server on SBS before the new machine is active. Going through the SBS to Server 2016 Essential tutorial the Exchange migration is in the middle of the process, however I need to ...

Oliver Römer asked 10/29/2018 20:21
Tim Burgess

SE 2016 , VPN is connecting , no internet access

Annoying issue here, struggling to access the remote server directories.  ( I do have access rights). I've repaired the VPN several times in the Server management settings page.  I've modified the VPN connection in the properties to accept MS Chap v2 . This connects via SSTP . I've also unchecked the 'use default gateway on remote network' . I get a connection  , it authorises . No errors. If i look at the connection properties it says ' No Internet'. Ive also tried the connection in private & public. I read somewhere about changing the DNS server address from loopback to ...

Tim Burgess asked 10/26/2018 20:23
Randall Spangler

Migrating from SBS 2008 to O365 and a non-Essentials Server 2016/2019

I know there is a bit of nuance in every migration. We are looking to migrate without utilizing the Essentials Experience on the target server. We intend to do the built-in AD integration with Office 365, where synchronization goes up to the cloud but not down.  I ask the question because most of the guides involve Essentials or Essentials Experience. Any of your guides match that scenario? If not, is there something I should look out for? We were planning to use Migration Wiz to make the synchronization of mailboxes easier. Do you guys feel that ...

Randall Spangler asked 10/25/2018 13:56
Narve Andreas Nordås

SSTP Connection droppes just after connected

Hello. On several WSE I have configured Anywhere Acces using the brilliant " Get a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for Access Anywhere and automatically renew it " tutorial, and it works just fine. But on two of them, after some months in use, the connection now drops immediately after the client connects. On the client, this RasSstp error 6 is logged: The SSTP-based VPN connection to the remote access server was terminated because of a security check failure. Security settings on the remote access server do not match settings on this computer. Contact ...

Narve Andreas Nordås asked 09/21/2018 10:20
Michael Stoffel

Essentials Dashboard not deleting or ignoring alerts

When I delete or ignore an alert on the essentials dashboard (Server 2016 Essentials with latest updates), it has a loading bar that never completes.   I found another related question at: This does clear the alerts until one is generated again, but does not fix the problem where alerts cannot be deleted or ignored from the dashboard.

Michael Stoffel asked 10/19/2018 23:12
Michael Stoffel

Remote NDIS compatible device?

I have a Server 2016 Essentials machine that has Anywhere Access enabled. Both the VPN and the website. Our server has six NIC’s. Two gigabit ethernet ports, two 10 gigabit ethernet ports, and two SFP+ ports. The four ethernet ports are on a single physical card and the two SFP+ ones are on a separate one. We are using one of the SFP+ ports to connect to our local network, and the other ports are all disabled. The Dell OS Deployment utility names the ports something like Slot 1 port 1, etc. I have the port that we ...

Michael Stoffel asked 10/15/2018 12:31
Gerry Wieczerza

SBS 2008/2011 Replacement - Non Migration

Good day! We are looking to move two smaller clients from SBS2008 and sbs2011 to Server 2016 Standard.  In both cases there are five or less computers and users so we are ok with creating new users and joining the computers to the new domain (local profiles will be lost).  Any suggestions migrating one local domain user profile to a new domain users profile appreciated! In both cases we will setup Server 2016 Hyper-V host on the new hardware.  Each will have one VM which will also be Server 2016 Standard. In preparation for the ...

Gerry Wieczerza asked 10/15/2018 18:35
Rodney Ort

Allow windows 10 users to configure a pin

Hi Is there a tip somewhere on how to configure group policy to allow windows 10 user4s to configure and use a pin?

Rodney Ort asked 10/14/2018 16:06
Skip Cox

Windows Server 2016 essentials issue

Windows Server 2016 essentials “start a backup” and “customize backup for the computer” not showing in my client computers task pane. All clients have been set up using the SkipDomainJoin option. I have removed the computers from the server and re-installed them. After they have been set up, all client task pane options are there, however after a backup has run, the “start a backup” and “customize backup for the computer” are not showing up in the client computers task pane. Any thoughts? Thanks, Skip  

Skip Cox asked 09/18/2018 14:14
David Roberts

All local login on Server 2016 essentials

Hi all, I've got a new box set up with windows server 2016 essentials.  I want to have an account or  two on that local box that are not admin, but can log-in locally. I found the services config setting for "user rights assignment" and added the groups administrators and my new group,  "Local Allowed", to that policy object.  However it seems to have no effect.  My users in that group still are not allowed to login to the machine.  Only the admin is permitted.   suggestions? DR

David Roberts asked 10/01/2018 22:27
Art Saffran

Best practice: How to back up Server 2016 Virtual Machine?

What is a good way to back up a Server 2016 running as a Hyper V virtual machine on a Server 2016 system? Windows Server Backup on the guest OS to an external USB drive? Back up the Host along with the VM's by using Windows Server Backup on the Host? Third party software? Thanks.   --Art

Art Saffran asked 09/21/2018 01:47
Art Saffran

Repurposing 2012 Server to Backup Domain Controller

I'm in the final steps of decommissioning my client's old Server 2012 Essentials after migrating to Server 2016 with Essentials Role installed. I'd like to keep the old server as a backup domain controller, to provide backup of Active Directory. The old server was switched to Server 2012 Standard with Essentials Role installed so we could exceed the original 25 licence limits.  So, it's essentially Server 2012 with Essentials Role that can be uninstalled. Can you give me some guidance on the steps to accomplish this? Should I follow the migration steps through to the end, ...

Art Saffran asked 09/18/2018 14:27
Lee Gale

How to backup and restore your Windows Server Essentials 2016

Hi How to backup and restore your Windows Server Essentials 2016 I’ve read the “How to backup and restore your Windows Server Essentials 2016” tutorial and would like to ask the following questions: I would like to carry out a full test restore from backup, but I do not have an identical server to do this with. Is it possible to carry out a full restore on completely different hardware (different manufacturer)? Is it possible to test a full restore using a virtual machine?  Section 4 of your tutorial discusses restoring ...

Lee Gale asked 09/20/2018 11:22
Lee Gale

Install guide for Windows Server 2016 Essentials?

Hi Do you have a Windows Server 2016 Essentials install tutorial available? Regards

Lee Gale asked 09/20/2018 11:34
Rodolfo Terron

Windows Server Essentials Connector- The server is unavailable

Hello. When I try to connect a laptop to my Server 2016 Essentials domain it fails and says "cannot connect this computer to the network. The server is unavailable. Try connecting this computer again." I have also tried connecting the laptop manually via the system properties dialogue, but I get "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted." I have had this issue on two different laptops that were new out-of-the box. I tried the following so far with no luck: Specified the Essentials server as my DNS server on the laptops and rebooted, made sure ...

Rodolfo Terron asked 09/19/2018 18:13
Palden Tsewang

High availability Hyper v

Hi..   I m running three Hyper v server 2016 on my host machine, i m looking for the best possibility of high availability hyperv machine. Not sure how can i setup this configuration.     thanks 

Palden Tsewang asked 09/10/2018 13:22
Doug Coates

New Outlook profile requred following cutover migration to O365

I am preparing for an SBS2011 to WS2016 Essentials Migration  We are using a cutover migration to O365.  Following the cutover, what will be the client\workstation experience with Outlook?  I need to explain to clients what to expect.  Do we need to remove the original Outlook Profile and associated OST.

Doug Coates asked 09/19/2018 21:57
Skip Cox

Posting a picture

How do I insert a picture in a post?

Skip Cox asked 09/17/2018 23:13
Mark Novitz

SBS2008 to Windows Server 2016 Essentials migration, Folder Replication - Which folders should you include/exclude

I'm doing an SBS2008 to Windows Server 2016 Essentials migration ; we've already migrated much out to Office 365 but still have LOB apps and other data.  With Exchange out of the way, which folders do not need to be migrated - I see the Offline Address Book share ("ExchangeOAB") as well as a general "Address" share which both seem to be connected to Exchange.  I also see some items that appear to be connected to SBS fax service ("faxclient").  Has anyone compiled the list of required/not required folders for migration?  Any thoughts?  Appreciate any knowledge!

Mark Novitz asked 11/17/2017 15:13
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