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MIgrating from Windows Server Exchange 2016 to 2019 should I use W10

I'm thinking of migrating from WSE 2016 to WSE 2020. WSE is now showing its age, the updates seem to take forever. I have a simple question.... First my setup.  It's a simple home network of 5 desktop PC's and one WSE server that traps nightly backups and stores a large quantity of movies and pictures. I see WSE2020 no longer does backups.   I'm considering installing standard W10 and using Acronis for backups. 

The pictures/movies would be streamed from this dedicated W10 "server" just like WSE2016.  That's all I want/need. Am I missing something in not buying an (expensive) WSE2020 upgrade 


John Monahan John Monahan
Published 09/27/2019 18:49
  • Exchange Server 2016
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There is no such thing as WSE2020. The only version available is WSE 2019. At this site and board, we are businesses and we do not use Windows 10 as a server. If you want to set up a peer-to-peer network you find better information elsewhere. Or maybe a NAS is a better idea for you.

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