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Internal Network Outlook clients not connecting to exchange 2016 post SBS migration

Good day

My Outlook clients on the domain are not connecting to the new Exchange Server  2016 post migration from SBS 2011.

I followed the migration guide and experienced very little issues but managed to fix whatever came around.

My problem is the following:

EXTERNAL (MOBILE and LAPTOPS) outside of the network can connect to Outlook anywhere.  


On the internal network,  the "old" SBS clients do not connect when they are on the domain.  Outlook just states disconnected and fails to connect at all.

If I setup a new profile, then I receive the dreaded "something went wrong with setting up your account" message.

Mail in and out flows with-out an issue

I did receive errors with autodisovery which I fixed using the Outlook Anywher and SOAP guide on Server-essentials.

Could this be because I did not finish the ARRCONFIG seciton of the migration?

Clients are running WINDOWS 10; OUTLOOK 365/2019

Server: WINDOWS 2016 with EXCHANGE 2016

Please assist if you can

Wimpie van Wimpie van
Published 01/18/2020 14:25
  • Outlook 2016
  • Exchange Server 2016
  • Migration
  • Windows 10
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Mariette Knap

What problem do you see on your Outlook clients? A popup that it needs Microsoft credentials? If so, pls read Unexpected Autodiscover behavior if settings under the \Autodiscover key - Outlook | Microsoft Docs. The newer Outlook versions force you to go to O365 for authentication, you need to look at 'ExcludeExplicitO365Endpoint'.

Is the old Exchange already uninstalled? If not, pls uninstall that and reboot both servers.

replied 01/18/2020 14:34
Last Activity 01/18/2020 14:34