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Remove DFS Partner Properly

I’m in the process of retiring an old Server 2003 DC that is also a DFS member for file replication for several shares in the namespace.  I have setup a new Dell NAS with Server 2016 and it is also a member of DFS and properly replicating the shares.  I would like to retire the old server with 2003 but I need to keep DFS setup on the network as I’m also replicating to a remote site over SSLVPN.  What is the proper way to remove a DFS member server without killing or damaging DFS?  I will DCpromo the old 2003 DC following DFS member removal.


I have read your guide on DFS setup but it doesn’t really describe DFS member removal.  It shows DFS deletion.


Thanks for any input.  Ken

Ken Sheppard Ken Sheppard
Published 01/02/2019 14:52
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Mariette Knap

Ken, you can also remove a Folder Target from a folder in a Namespace. That actually only removes one server and keeps everything else. Is that what you were looking for?

replied 01/14/2019 13:40
Ken Sheppard

Thanks.  I was able to disable the legacy server from each replication group and namespace folder.  Microsoft recommended I wait several days following the disabling to make certain all client PCs only "looked" at the new NAS server as the primary member for referrals.  

My DFS settings are domain based using Windows 2000 Server Mode.  FSMO roles are all hosted on a different DC in the same subnet as the DC that I will be retiring.  Domain is currently all set to 2003 mode and I'll eventually raise the level to 2016 once all of the new DCs are setup and legacy DCs removed.  My biggest concern with retiring the DFS member is that it was the 1st server in the mesh setup with the AD years back.  I presume with the mesh setup of DFS, there's not really a primary server to set unless you're using advanced referral settings.



replied 01/14/2019 13:56
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