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SBS 2008 migration- single user profile folders are missing the "Restore Default" "Move" "Find Target" buttons

Hello, I'm doing a migration from SBS 2008 to Windows Server Essentials 2016.  Running the connector software has no issues. I have been changing the the user Profile folders like desktop and my documents to the new server (DFSR setup working good) before I enable Group Policy and folder redirection on the new WSE 2016.  On the SBS server we have folder redirection enabled as well.  All users I can change the target except for one.  To me there must be a group policy that's doing this.  I checked the SBS server and all instances say not configured.  I checked the local policy too, same Not configured.  I'm stuck and would appreciate any thoughts on this.


Thank you in advance,

Joe T

Joseph Tamburello Joseph Tamburello
Published 09/14/2018 22:53
  • Windows Server Essentials 2012 R2
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Mariette Knap

Hello Joseph,

Can you check Event log on that client for errors? Most of the time when this happens the user has something in the Folder redirection folder that cannot be moved.

replied 09/18/2018 10:46
Last Activity 09/18/2018 10:46