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SBS 2011 Domain with Server 2012 R2 Member server running the Essentials Experience Role

Hello Mariette,

This is a simple setup:

- one SBS 2011 Standard server (running Exchange 2010 and all other SBS aplications)

- one Windows Server 2012 R2 member server that is NOT a domain controller (replica or otherwise): it does remote access, Workstation backups, etc.)

Under actual WSE implementations, only one server can have the Essentials Role: if we migrate SBS 2011 to Windows Server 2016 with the Essentials role, how are the existing Workstation backups (and stuff) handled in the scenario?


Serge Caron

PS: I do not see my previous emails in your system.

Serge Caron Serge Caron
Published 11/28/2018 18:55
  • Essentials Experience Role
  • SBS 2011
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Mariette Knap

Not sure what you are trying to do here. I don't think it a supported configuration to have SBS 2011 around with a member server doing Essentials Experience stuff. I would remove the SBS 2011 completely and have a new DC in place and install the Essentials Experience role added. Client Computer backups cannot be migrated so you need to start on the new server with new backups

replied 01/14/2019 13:57
Last Activity 01/14/2019 13:57