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SBS 2011 Standard to Server 2016 Standard Migration with Multiple DCs

I'm in the process of migrating an existing SBS 2011 Standard server setup to a new Dell PE R530 with Server 2016 Standard w Essentials Role.  In addition to the SBS 2011 Standard physical server, I also have an existing VMware VM running Server 2008 Standard R2 setup as an additional DC in the same AD simply for redundancy.  SBS 2011 Standard is certainly holding all FSMO roles.  Replication is working fine between both existing DCs and AD health has been checked with dsdiag and netdiag.

My question is about the process to add the new physical Server 2016 Standard server as an additional DC.  I know to assign a static IP and assign DNS on the new server and point to the SBS 2011 Standard IP.  Should I also point the secondary DNS to the existing additional DC that's a VM on the new server before I run DCpromo (by adding the DC role with server manager).  The new server is currently joined to the domain and I'm logged-in as the domain admin.

I'm following the migration document for SBS 2011 Standard to Server 2016 but my environment simply has an additional DC already.  SBS 2011 Standard DNS points to itself and the other existing DC.  And the VM DC has DNS pointing to itself and then the SBS box for secondary DNS.

Thanks for any input.


Ken Sheppard Ken Sheppard
Published 02/08/2017 16:27
  • Windows Server Essentials 2016
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Mariette Knap
Yes, basically the wizards are the same.
replied 02/13/2017 20:30
Ken Sheppard

And I've never used Server Standard 2012 or 2016 with the Essentials Role. I've only used the Essentials SKU. I presume the wizards all function the same even with the Essentials Role on Standard Server 2016.
replied 02/13/2017 15:52
Mariette Knap
I don't think RWW will stop to function after you have moved FSMO roles to the new 2016 server. You have 21 days to complete the migration, after that the SBS will shutdown every hour by itself.
replied 02/13/2017 15:30
Ken Sheppard

Understand about not disabling the FW.

I'm currently using SBS 2011 Standard for RWW connections. I presume the existing RWW will continue to function until I modify my external firewall to point 443 to the new Server 2016 server and it's RWW setup in the Experience Role for 2016. When I transfer FSMO roles, will the old RWW stop working? I don't think they're related but I don't know about dependencies.


replied 02/13/2017 15:27
Mariette Knap
I never disable the Windows Firewall.
replied 02/09/2017 07:29
Ken Sheppard
Thanks. With older versions of windows server, I used to disable the internal Windows firewall before adding a DC because the firewall would prevent AD replication to occur. Does Server 2016 handle and open the necessary firewall ports once DC promo has been started with the add roles wizard?
replied 02/08/2017 19:48
Mariette Knap
I would only point to the SBS 2011 and not to the other DC. Make sure the Domain Admin is also a member of the Enterprise Admins and Schema Admins.
replied 02/08/2017 19:35
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