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SBS 2011 to Server 2019 Migration - Remove from DNS?

Following the migration guides from SBS to Server 2019, I do not see a mention of removing the DNS zone for  I would assume I am safe to remove that, but the guide doesn't say anything about it.


Any thoughts?



Randy Jorgensen Randy Jorgensen
Published 06/22/2020 23:53
  • SBS 2011
  • Windows Server 2019
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Mariette Knap

No, we do not endorse removing stuff we don't know if it can or will be used again. If you have no need for it remove it. There can be reasons to keep it. For example publishing an Exchange Server and because your users are used to using you may want to keep it. Another reason could be is that you publish a RDS Gateway on that address.

replied 06/23/2020 10:21
Last Activity 06/23/2020 10:21