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Server 2016 + Essentials Role - All Services Gone

Good day!

Server 2016 install with Essentials Role installed.  Server has been in production for a few years.   All Windows Server Essentials services were disabled about a month ago due to a conflict with a port essentials uses.   Today I received an email that their certificate had expired.   After connecting to the server I opened up services so I could enable the ones necessary to get into the console.   There are none (of the 8) services are there!

Don't know how/why they are gone.   Any thoughts on getting them back?




Gerry Wieczerza Gerry Wieczerza
Published 08/27/2020 18:26
  • Dashboard
  • Windows Server Essentials 2016
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Gerry Wieczerza

Feel free to delete this post.

Not sure but it appears that Windows Server 2016 Services window always displays the 'last' computer you looked at services for and not the server by default.   Never seen this before where it stays showing the last computers services you looked at.

Problem solved after looking at the server services.  :)



replied 08/27/2020 18:32
Mariette Knap

Good one! Thanks for explaining Gerry

replied 08/28/2020 09:39
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