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Server folders in the Essentials dashboard show missing

Server folders in the Essentials dashboard show missing

Sometimes Server Folders appear missing in the Dashboard and making it impossible to assign permissions to clients or to those folders. The reason for this behavior is unknown and Microsoft is working on a fix but if you want a temp fix please read on.

Mariette Knap Mariette Knap
Published 03/08/2017 10:47
  • Windows Server Essentials 2016
  • Dashboard
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Mariette Knap

They do know that there is a problem. I know a PM within Microsoft who is aware of this issue but fixing this kind of problems is not on a high priority within Microsoft.

replied 11/22/2017 05:33

The Microsoft TechNet was neither able to help and suggested I contact the paid Microsoft Support, what I did. After three hours trial and error the Microsoft support stated to have never seen this kind of problem. Tomorrow they will continue to remote troubleshoot my virtual machine. They could have reproduced it from scratch, as the problem is easily reproducible in VirtualBox...

replied 11/21/2017 21:51

I downloaded and tried to manually install this update, but it was not accepted, it is possibly superseded by another patch. No solution yet, Server Folders still missing, each day a critical error in the Health Report. Microsoft, do you read this? Should I better use a virtualized Windows10 on Linux for my needs? Are there dependencies between Disk Management and Storage Service you can't solve and better keep it secret? How can I make you deliver what I paid for?

replied 11/08/2017 08:11

I found this patch yesterday, will check if it was installed by Windows Update already. Wonder if it is related to my problem. I'm not using Storage Spaces... but I have both SSD and HHD:​​​​​​​

replied 11/06/2017 06:57

... all was fine, all drives mirrored, I even closed and reopened the Dashboard. ServerFolders were available. 

BUT: after installing Windows updates and restarting the Windows, they are missing! The Dashboard does not list any hard drives either. And the temp-fix (restarting the Windows Server Essentials Storage Service) does not help.

replied 11/05/2017 22:01

I succeeded to create the mirror now. The trick was to first initialize the mirror drive as GPT, and then add it as a mirror. After that went well and the Backup disk started to sync, I regained confidence in being able to successfully mirror my other disks. Went well so far, ... ServerFolders still available, resync in progress. Dashboard wasn't closed since starting setup. Next challenge is installing updates. That's my next milestone for expecting the ServerFolders to start missing. Marriette, I hope this is of interest for some of your audience., please let me know if you think I'm too verbose here. I know this is not a blog ;)

replied 11/04/2017 13:01

... the backups succeeded. But mirroring the Volume on the 6TB Gpt Backup Disk failed, with the Virtual Disk Manager error: "Only the first 2TB are usable on large MBR disks. Cannot create partitions beyond the 2TB mark, nor convert the Disk to dynamic"... I should start a different thread for that. 

The ServerFolders are currently still available, but I did not yet dare to close the Dashboard nor mirror the data or the system disk. First I need to figure out a strategy to revert such low level changes to dynamical disks... maybe by imaging with Clonezilla... yet another topic.

replied 11/03/2017 09:09

Mariette, I created it from Disk Management. Yes I thought that might be the starting point of my problems, so I already reinstalled WS2016E, mounted a single disk for the OS, set up users, Server Folders. All from the Dashboard, to set up Backup, I went to the cmd diskpart, cleaned a drive and added it as backup. No problems. I cleaned the next two disks "DataFast" and "DataBig" and created Volumes from within the Disk Management. Then I was able to move the ServerFolders. Not once closed the Dashboard. That's my current state. I will continue setting up notifications and wait for one Backup to be saved. The next days I will then add mirroring, and I have the feeling, that that will break the Dashboard, let's see...

replied 11/02/2017 19:57
Mariette Knap
Hello Joerg, how did you create the Raid array? From Disk Management or from within Storage Spaces?
replied 11/02/2017 18:09

Here at my place (Windows Server 2016 Essentials) the ServerFolders are also missing. At home on my Virtual Box test installation all was fine, and so was a single HardDisk second test system. I guess the problem started when I configured hard disks (Windows Soft RAID: System mirror, and three further mirrored volumes)

Unluckily the temp fix: "restarting the Windows Server Essential Storage Service" does not work for me. The ServerFolders stay "missing" in the Dashboard.

replied 11/02/2017 18:06
Mariette Knap

Well, a temp fix is in the tutorial but Microsoft needs to come with a permanent fix.

replied 10/22/2017 06:10


Did you have any luck sorting this out? A new 2016 Essentials box i have deployed on a HP Microserver Gen10 hardware has been doing this since day one.

replied 10/21/2017 21:00
Gordon Currie

Still waiting for a fix. I've (also) got two new WS2016 installs that exhibit this behavior. And it is the E: drive as well that disappears along with any folders on it. If you look in the Hard Drives tab of the Storage section, you will likely see the entire drive as missing.

replied 08/08/2017 23:40

Thanks - this gets it going again, although it usually does it again within a couple of days. I've now got two brand new Windows Server 2016 Essential computers doing this which is really annoying, hope they hurry up and come up with a fix. What I've also noticed is that on both my problem servers it's the fact that the second hard drive seems to disappear from the "Hard Drive" section that starts the problem. I have some shared folders still on C:, but most now on the E: drive. It's only the shares on the E: drive that show as missing when this happens.


replied 05/31/2017 15:55
Sal Sorice

I know this is an old thread but the problem still exists. Was hoping someone has found an answer.

Setting up a new Server 2016 Standard with Essentials Role for a client (Dell T640).

Using hardware based RAID 1 for OS (2 Dell SSDs). For my Data drive (D) I'm using 2 Samsung SSDs, also hardware based RAID 1. No Storage Spaces, etc.

I moved the Server folders from their original location (C drive) to a new Drive (D). As others have noted, the Folders end up 'missing'. In my case, restarting the  'Windows Server Essential Storage Service' (temporarily) fixes the problem.

I did notice that the folders seem to go missing (at least in my case) at almost exact 30 minute intervals. I set up a task based on the Event to restart the Storage Service (which is when I noticed the 30 minute interval), but that is definitely not a solution for a Production Server! I'm worried that Shared Folders / Folder Redirection, etc will get weird when the D Drive 'disappears'.

I'm hoping that someone has come up with a solution, as I'm not sure what to do (complete reinstall, etc.) to fix the issue.

Will try a few things myself and post back, and will likely open a support case with Microsoft if needed.

Thanks for any input!


replied 12/09/2019 19:51
Sal Sorice

I know this is a lonely thread :^( but hopefully it will help others with a similar issue. I have a case opened with Microsoft and the engineer is analyzing data / logs she collected. She is to get back to me tomorrow and I will post what I find out. 

She was looking at the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs\StorageService.[date].log, which had entries like this:

12/11/2019 01:01:02  e40] [FsrmUtil] Connecting to FSRM
[12/11/2019 01:01:02  e40] [FsrmUtil] Failed to connect to WMI server. error: 0x8004100e
[12/11/2019 01:01:02  e40] [FolderQuota] Failed to connect to FSRM. error: 0x8004100e
[12/11/2019 01:04:05  e3c] ++++ Drive::SendEvent (550f2931-8583-46f6-9ceb-08ca66fc8e71)@0x88ecc090
[12/11/2019 01:04:05  e3c] [Drive] drive UPDATED event sent.

Not sure if that gives anyone else a clue...


replied 12/11/2019 23:06
Sal Sorice

I know it's probably just me talking to myself...  :^)

Update: MSFT support has been working on this for the last several days. We've been having remote sessions every day for about 2 hours at a time. Looks like they use a 3rd party for initial support (Convergys). I've seen a 2nd user join the session several times with the name  MSFT (ie, Microsoft), so it looks like this has some pretty knowledgeable people baffled.

Looks like this is (as we already know) a definite bug. Hoping they finally take the time to address it.

Will keep posting - hope this will eventually help others.

replied 12/13/2019 22:32

Thanks Sal. Good to see you back, hope all is fine :)

replied 12/15/2019 14:47
Sal Sorice

Hi Mariette!

Best wishes for the Holiday Season!

This seems like it must be a coincidence, but I noticed in some of the screenshots MSFT support was taking that there were references to timeouts on the Essentials Storage Service.

I checked my VM and saw that I had not yet allocated more vCPUs to it (it was only allocated 1). I increased it to 8 and the Folders/Drives have not gone missing since. No idea how/why that could be a factor, but I'll mention it to MSFT on our support call tomorrow.

If anyone having this same issue can check to see if changing the number of vCPUs helps that would be great.

replied 12/15/2019 16:35
Sal Sorice

Hmmm. One other thing I just noticed. Yesterday MSFT moved one of the default Server folders back to the C drive (so now there is one folder on C and the rest are on D - where I moved them to using the 'move folder' wizard).

Perhaps leaving at least one folder on the default C drive helps?

replied 12/15/2019 16:43
Sal Sorice

Well, issue is resolved - just not exactly sure what did it - but have an idea.

Don't think it was the moving of one folder back to the C Drive (although that certainly can't hurt (just make it an empty/unused folder).

MSFT seemed to think it was a 'performance' issue, so maybe the change from 1 vCPU to 8 vCPU in the VM made the difference.

I know this is a lonely thread, but maybe others will stumble on it and find it helpful :^)

replied 12/17/2019 20:47
Mariette Knap

:) I would have done the same....if you only called me...

replied 12/17/2019 21:04
Barry Walker

Thank you Sal.  I've been wrestling with this problem off and on forover a year.  Managed to work around it by running a script just before scheduled backups, but this is obviously not a solution.  Server is HPE Microserver which is only dual core, so the issue could be related to performance.

replied 03/16/2020 11:17
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