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Win 10 and 7 Pro connectors

Hello I am at wits end in trying to connect windows 10 pro and windows 7 pro to sever essentials 2016. I connect to the server \\servername/connect the connector go through the install process asks for credentials and then hangs and finally says server not available.  Is there an update or something I’m missing. The server is up to date and so is the client pc . Any help would be great.

Pete Davis Pete Davis
Published 08/15/2018 23:53
  • Essentials Experience Role
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ellina smith

Your information is really helpful to me as I am Windows 10 user. I am facing Windows 10 Explorer Keeps Crashing on my OS. Is there anyone Who has faced the same issue? it is showing after updating the OS from Windows 8 to Windows 10. Can I help me to solve it properly?

replied 09/28/2018 22:41
Mariette Knap

Hello Pete,

In most cases, this is a DNS issue. Does DHCP run on your router? If that is the case and you run the wizard it has trouble finding the server. Try setting DNS on your client to the IP address of your server. There are more reasons that this fails but this is the most common.

If you have a Comcast router that also does IPv6 for DHCP turn that off. I had some customers who had such a router/modem and the only way to get this going is to put a router between the modem and the server that actually blocks any rogue DHCP server. Obviously, you need to configure the server to do DHCP then.

replied 08/16/2018 05:24
Pete Davis

I have the DNS on the client set to the  server. No luck the DHCP is off on the server my router handles the DHCP. I will check and see if the ipv 6 on the router is enabled. I can ping the servername from client and to the client. It is a Comcast business modem/router WiFi router.

replied 08/16/2018 12:18
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