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Windows update 1903 seems to have removed all server essentials services from client.

Windows update 1903 seems to have removed all server essentials services from client.

I have noticed that a Dell laptop client computer running Windows 10 Pro ver. 1903 on my network has not backed up recently. This is usually due to the user taking it out of office on vacation so I was not concerned at first.

I checked today and it has not backed up since the 3rd of July, it is now the 22nd July. The client is connected via Ethernet to the server and has access to the server to run a database program and all shared files on the server.

The server dashboard shows that the server is unavailable and off line and the last backup was on July 2nd.  

On the client I open the Launchpad application which was grayed out, and find it says, The server is offline and You are not signed in.

Suspecting that a service is not running due to a windows update, which has happened before, I check the Windows server essentials services in the client and find all of the services are not even there let alone not running.

Further investigation shows that this client did a Windows Version update from 1803 to 1903 on July 3rd the same day all backups stopped working, so it appears that this major update has removed all of the essentials services that the client needs to properly connect to the server.

Although the client appears to be connected to the server none of the services like client backup, health services, remote connect ect. Can run as they are missing.

I considered going back to ver. 1803 but too late for that.

I have several other clients on this server with the 1903 update that all have no problems.

Has anyone else had this problem and what do you suggest I do to fix this problem?

Thanks for any help.


Server Model PowerEdge T330,  13th Gen.

Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials

Client   Dell Precision 7520 16Gb ram

Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Pro  Ver. 1903 build 18362.207

John Sterner John Sterner
Published 07/23/2019 01:21
  • Windows 10
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John Sterner

Fix for this was to uninstall the connector software on client, restart client, and then reinstall to the network server thru browser, yourserver/connect.

This may not be the fix for all however. Today another client win 10 PC updated to ver. 1903 and the same thing happened.

I did the same fix but now the User sign in fails to connect to the server. This time it has changed the user to  ,a UPN - User Principal Name format.

This used to be the  Domain name\username format. If I sign on with this format everything connects.

Not sure what to do from this point???

Any help appreciated!


replied 07/29/2019 23:50
Shawn Lemay

We've had pretty good luck just running this script to get these systems back up and running/registering again. About to create a GPO and roll this out to a bunch of sites that we support. It's in German - but let Google translate it:

Not sure how this works yet with 1909 or with the login issue you're seeing... 

replied 10/14/2019 22:15
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