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SBS 2003 R2 - Upgrading the Sharepoint MSDE instance to SQL 2005

Windows SBS 2003 R2 Premium Edition includes SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition. You can install SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition as your database for a business application. Additionally, you can upgrade the instance of Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (Windows) (MSDE) used by Microsoft Windows SharePoint® Services if you want to be able to search document libraries on your company's internal Web site.

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How to lock down a Terminal Server

A terminal can reside in an office, kiosk, classroom, laboratory, on a factory floor, or across the internet in another country while the server is in a secure server room. For example; Terminal Server can be used by Application Service Providers to provide access for multiple applications to customers over the Internet. In certain deployments, it might be necessary to restrict user activity to a predefined set of applications or Windows operating system functionality.

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How to fix the RWW error in Windows XP with SP3 installed

After installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 you may encounter difficulties connecting to RWW. This article covers the solution for this problem as well as instructions how to create a policy on your SBS that enables the ActiveX control needed for RWW. When you try to connect to RWW on your SBS 2003 after you installed Service Pack 3 on your Windows XP workstation you will see this error/problem.

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How to upgrade Sharepoint to SQL 2000

This article describes how to upgrade Sharepoint to full blown SQL 2000 and enable full text search in Sharepoint. All steps involved can be found on the Premium Technology CD (premiuminstallsteps.htm) but this document gives you a visual guide with screenshots of every step. In our forum we see that users install SQL 2000 but forget to check the setting in the installer that gives you the option to install 'Full Text Search'. If you do not install the 'Full Text Search' option it will not work in Sharepoint.

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How to publish a FTP site on SBS 2003

This article discusses how to publish a FTP site on a SBS 2003 Premium server with ISA 2004 SP2. You should only publish a FTP site on your SBS 2003 Premium server if you understand the risks. Passwords are send in plain text. This means that anyone with a packet sniffer can unravel the password transmitted when logging on to a FTP site.

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