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How to install a 3rd party certificate on SBS 2003 with ISA 2004

This article will describe step by step how to install or renew a third party certificate on SBS 2003 with ISA 2004. The Official SBS Blog already published in 2007 an article how to do that on SBS 2003 Standard (The Official SBS Blog : How to Install a Public 3rd Party SSL Certificate on IIS on SBS 2003: http://blogs.technet.com/sbs/archive/2007/08/21/how-to-install-a-public-3rd-party-ssl-certificate-on-iis-on-sbs-2003.aspx), so this article will extend that article to the SBS servers that have ISA 2004 installed.

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How to install BlackBerry Enterprise Express on a SBS 2003 Premium

Installing BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express on a Small Business 2003 Premium is not as easy as it looks. The documentation from BlackBerry is not complete and difficult to understand. I have decided to write documentation with all screenshots for this installation. My customer has an existing SBS 2003 Premium SP1 (not R2) so we will install a new SQL 2000 named instance and create a BES service account that will run the BES software.

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Configuring IMAP over SSL with SBS 2003 Premium and ISA 2004

Because of the release of the iPhone, there has been an increase in interest in configuring IMAP and POP3 services on SBS servers. In this author's opinion, providing access to e-mail via IMAP is better than POP3. The approach of IMAP more closely emulates how Exchange provides e-mail services in that messages are maintained on the server, and the IMAP client only pulls down what is needed.

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How to add an additional Domain Controller from a remote office to the SBS domain - Part 1

In this series of three articles (the first article has been published, the other two will follow later) we will explain step by step how to add a DC that will be serving clients at a remote location to the SBS network. The remote DC will be connecting through a VPN connection to the SBS. There are several ways to establish this VPN connection and it all depends on the hardware and software.

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How to use a smart host

A smart host is a type of mail relay server which allows an SMTP server to route e-mail to an intermediate mail server rather than directly to the recipient’s server. Often this smart host requires authentication from the sender to verify that the sender has privileges to have mail forwarded through the smart host. This is an important distinction from an open relay that will forward mail from the sender without authentication. Common authentication techniques include SMTP-AUTH and POP before SMTP.

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Block Internet Access for certain URL's and Security groups

Few days ago a customer called me and asked to configure the server for limited access for several different groups of users in his organization. The customer did not want employees to browse to certain sites that have nothing to do with the daily work of those users but he wanted to allow the users to browse the sites during lunch.

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