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Share documents or files from Sharepoint with people outside your organization.

Share documents or files from Sharepoint with people outside your organization.

This tutorial describes the procedure of sharing documents or files and/or folders with people outside of your organization. That could be pricelists or graphics or anything you like to share.

Open your Office 365 environment within your browser by going to Microsoft Online Services and login with your credentials.

  1. Once you are logged in choose ‘Sites’.
  2. Choose ‘Teamsite’.
  3. Choose ‘New’
  4. Choose ‘New folder’
  5. I named the folder ‘Public documents’ because it makes clear what this is about. Click ‘Create’.
  6. You will the Public Documents folder listed and click ‘Share’.
  7. In the box in the middle type the email address of the person you want to share the folder with. Make sure you set the dropdown box to ‘Can view’ otherwise the receiver will be able to do more then just see and download stuff.

Now that we have created the Public Folder we want to put documents in that folder. Easiest way is to do that from your desktop.

  1. Click on the folder icon in your taskbar on Windows 8 or click My Computer if you are on Windows 7 so that the synched copy of your Sharepoint team site is visible and upload an file there. If you have a set of files you can zip them and make it easier for the customer to download. As soon as the green check mark is on your file it has been synched with your Sharepoint Team site on Office 365
  2. Go back to Office 365 Sharepoint. There is the file I just synched with the Team site. Click on “Share”.
  3. Choose ‘Create Link’. That link you can copy and paste in an email address in Outlook or you can also use ‘Invite people’.

Always think twice before you share something with somebody outside of your organization.

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